Mental Health & Wellbeing

We have many clients who use our products to highlight key mental health guidance, the Infinity Card is often used as a soothing tool which can be continuously folded whilst taking in the key information. Alternatively, where clients need to include more information they choose an Alpha Card in terms of space for content.

Talk Changes

I was looking for a new and innovative way to communicate information about Mental Health Services to local people in the Boroughs of City and Hackney in London. We wanted something eye-catching and with plenty of scope to be creative, at the same time as needing to convey a fair amount of information. We also wanted some retention value rather than it going straight into the bin. A standard leaflet wouldn’t achieve that. Alpha Card’s had the perfect solution and we have ordered twice since the original delivery. We were pleased with the efficient service and high quality product and have received many complimentary comments.

Jonathan Gregory, Marketing Consultant

Worcester Sixth Form

Worcester Sixth Form used our Mental Health Guide product but personalized the covers with their logo and key contacts so that students can reach out to the right people if they are concerned about their Mental Health.


Our Mental Health Guides

This product is based on NHS guidance and contains built in QR codes that take you to the most up-to-date information on the NHS website. These guides can ensure that people have the support they need to cope in difficult times, when they need it.

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