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Our Alpha Cards and Infinity Cards are ideal for general marketing so that they stand out from their competition, or as a pocket prospectus, campus map, safeguarding information and many more applications.

WE LOVE THEM!!! Perfection. Hooray. Thank you so much for guiding us through this.

Hilary Beggs, CMP | Events Curator

A fantastic example of a pro-active and informative approach to this subject has recently been undertaken by the University of Plymouth’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, who designed a Pocket-sized accordion style Z-Folding Alpha Card titled “Let’s talk about hydration”. They turned to us to advise on the best format and produce the card, which had an extended cover with a drill-hole, so it could be hung around the neck of a sustainable, refillable metal water bottle which students were given. To match the sustainability of the bottle, the card, both its covers and inner were produced on FSC sustainable materials.

The University wanted an engaging, retainable, reusable, and compact medium to carry their important advice on this subject, which included signs of poor hydration and benefits of good hydration

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